Turn the Tables

10 essential elements of Christian faith can help you appreciate the good times, and withstand the bad times.

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About the Author

L.A. Santana Jr. grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, in a neighborhood where criminal activity was common. He shares what he has learned about faith in his new book.

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About the book

Establish Your Foundation

Cover of 'Establish Your Foundation'

Today, there exist too many Christians in the world who have become dried up wells and fruitless trees. When the testing of their faith comes by way of trials, tribulations, or temptations, they are defeated or overcome by them. In the midst of a storm, they cannot withstand.

They fall, some harder than others. Their suffering robs them of any love, joy, or peace given to them by God. When others need it from them, they are empty and have nothing to give. They have failed to stand firm in the faith because they have nothing to keep them standing. Thus, they miss out on experience the abundant life Jesus Christ has for them.

L.A. Santana Jr. has figured out a way for the believer to turn these tables around. He found that the key to experience the abundant life Jesus Christ offers every believer in Him is to have a firm foundation in one's life that can keep them standing in faith through good and bad times. He offers the knowledge and understanding of 10 essential elements of the Christian faith, which would give the believer a new appreciation for what Jesus Christ has done and accomplished for them.

He encourages the use of this knowledge and understanding as a foundation in the believer's life. He offers the believer a foundation that can keep them standing firm in the faith and help them to enjoy the fruits of the Spirit, which is the abundant life Christ has given us.

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About the Author

L.A. Santana Jr.

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I was born and raised in New Haven CT. At the age of 21 I lost my life while simultaneously taking a life due to gun violence. I received a 50 year prison sentence for that tragic event. I have been in prison for nearly 17 years. In 2012 I was accepted in the beloved Christ and was given new life. This life I share with the world while I remain in the belly of the beast.